Tuesday, 6 April 2010

just a little one today

just a short post today.

just to say i am blown away by the support, encouragement and advice i have been receiving.

I always thought i was weird and alone being both married and gay, but it turns out there appears to be alot of 'me' out there, and we all seem to be at different stages in the gay vs marriage dilemma.

its also amazing that alot of aspects of our story are the same. I am spooked in a very nice way by someone who appears to be my 'life twin' in the US, theres only 9 months age difference between us and many of our life characteristics are the same which is really helpful in talking through my experiences - if he turns out to be 5ft 10 tall with brown hair and greeny/grey eyes i would certainly be asking my mother some serious questions if she were still alive today!!

anyway, i'm off now to try and get some sleep since i am on my own at work tomorrow and should really stay awake throughout the day...

Hugs and thanks to everyone


  1. strange world isn't it? thanks for sharing your story with us

  2. Hugs to you too...


  3. Hi there, JSL

    I hope you managed to stay awake today :-)

    I was going to recommend "Remember When Gay Meant Happy?", but I see you've found it already. I haven't read very far there myself, but it looks like another interesting perspective on your situation.

    Take care