Sunday, 20 June 2010

another post

thanks for the comments guys

am chuffed to get a comment from Eddie at Always hard His blog is briliant to be honest - his writing is excellent and he mixes day to day life with some very horny material - HeHe.... Everyone should take a look at his blog...and if you want to read his early material, its available as a download...its well worth it..from his first post to now!!! Eddie, you really should go through with the tattoo...i had mine on my wrist which is supposed to be the most pain...and to be honest, it didnt really hurt at all...just a bit of discomfort -i love having mine...

My wife is being really great..we do have down moments, but we are still together and just working through our lives are going to continue...i have noted Jims blog and will be taking a proper look soon.

I'm making some new friends a and bisexual ones...its great starting to make friends from scratch who are fully aware of me and my situation...its great to finally be myself with them...ive found them generally online and chatting through skype and msn

One guy has been really great and supportive online..ive chatted online with him loads and i think i may have found a friend for life..i am hoping we can meet up properly cos i owe him alot really for his support over the last couple of weeks...its always difficult when you are online with someone, whether they can be trusted, but this guy is something special...and the first person ive been truly honest with in my life

So, at the moment things are good, and hopefully will get better

thank you guys for the support

Friday, 18 June 2010

update and stuff

hey guys

i just did a post and stupid blogger lost it so will try and remember what i

my wife and i are still living together under the same roof and getting on. She has been incredibly supportive of me and what i have done despite how hard it is for her. Having been together for so long, we do share a special bond which neither of us wants to break, but need to find a way of living with the moment we are taking each day as it comes and see how our lives evolve after what i have done

in other news, i have got a tattoo..ive been wanting one for ages and finally took the plunge...i dont know whether it is part of me wanting to peel layers away or mid life crisis...but i love it:-)

i am feeling alot freer and more open in myself since things happened...i find myself flirting with guys in real life and chatting to them online...something ive never done before having been so tightly closeted, but enjoy the flirting immensely :-)

i'm gonna keep blogging to let you know whats happening in my life and keep you updated about stuff, if youre interested.

take care

Friday, 4 June 2010


hey guys..

just a bit of an update. as i said, Ive told my wife that i like blokes.

Although she suspected or thought it highly likely i was gay, it was a still a shock to her...those comments a few weeks ago about beng a gay boy and others i mentioned...they were testing the water by her!! bit slow on the uptake me

we're still living together at the moment whilst we try and work out what this means for both of us. Obviously me fancing men is going to have consequences, but i still have emotional feelings towards my wife...things are very confused but i do feel better now its out in the open