Monday, 29 March 2010

3 days in a row

...this is a record and i'm going to really try and stick to it this time...a bit like exercise - i really dont like it but i can find the self control occasionally to stick to it.

Nothing sort of day really at work - just kept plodding along and suddenly it was time for me to go home.

since i got home, ive been catching up on other people (more interesting) blogs...and did some exercise

bye for now

Sunday, 28 March 2010

when i fancied boys

ive been trying to think today as to when i knew i liked boys more than girls, and i cant really say for sure..

i remember at junior school i had a friend called michael, he wasnt my best friend or anything, or i spent alot of time hanging round with him, but i remember liking him in a different way to other people - i dont know what it was about him that made me feel like that - i found a photo of him the other day with anther friend and cant see anything to suggest why i liked him differently to others.

At senior school, my best friend was P (name altered to protect the innocent etc etc)and although i didnt fancy him, he was the closest i have ever felt to anyone - maybe it was bromance, i dont know. my biggest regret is not being as good friend to him once we left school.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

comments and thanks

i just did a post then managed to delete it before posting - doh!

will try and remember what i said

Wow! ive got Torchy! following me -ive read his whole blog nd like many others, he has been an inspiration to me - thanks :-)

ive also dipped in and out of and really enjoy his writing - and not a million miles away geographically either

A couple of shout outs as well - only just disocvered his blog but its honest funny and candid about his life in Pakistan -i had a dysfunctional upbringing and it can be very difficult trying to balance everything in your life - but hes doing a great job and deserves to get everything he is working for

Am watching football at the moment. The need to get early nite since the cloks go forward here and i want to watch the Aussie Grand Prix live

Thanks for reading me

ive been bad... updating my blog. ive still been on here reading other peoples blogs,but dont want to bore/depress others with mine, but feel i really should do.

i hadnt even noticed i'd got comments so thank you for those - its much appreciated

i will go back and reply and comment on those inabit - so if you left a comment 8 months ago it may confuse you getting a reply now . :-)

Nothing really changed with me - i nearly just came out and told my wife today, but couldnt go thru with it :-(

i like being with her and we have fun and i love her, but i just dont think i am in love with her.

The longer it goes on, the unhappoer i am , and probably not doing my best at making her happy, but its just too hard