Saturday, 30 October 2010

i told someone

For those who have stuck with me through my ramblings know i am gay and my situation re:marriage, and this actually applies to everyone i meet or chat to online...i make sure any guy who i chat to etc knows very early on what my situation is...its two fold really..firstly i dont want to give anyone false hope as to what may or may not happen with us and secondly i want to be honest with peole i meet online..i have spent so much of my real life lying that i want to make sure i start my new life on the right foot!! Also, some guys just find the whole thing difficult to understand so once i tell them i never hear from them again, which is a shame, so telling guys early means i dont get to form an attachment to them should they decide its just too weird for them.

Anyway, back to the title of this post...I have told someone from my real life that i'm gay! Now before you all start jumping up and down shouting Wahey!! it wasnt as big a step as it sounds..he was a very safe bet indeed. He is someone i went to school with , who now lives in another country, i only chat now with him through facebook, and hes it made sense to tell him, but it made me happy doing it.

He was surprised but happy about it and we had about a 3 hours chat afterwards about all manner of things regarding me and being gay. I found out so much about him i didnt was strange because our paths criss crossed throughout our whole childhood from about when i was 4 until 16, but we were never good friends..the strange thing was i always felt an affinity towards him but didnt know why...i guess it was embyonic gaydar at work (especially since i had the same feeling towards another guy at school, who my friend told me was gay as did he know this???..well they had 3 flings with each other in their teens

At school i actually had a bit of a crush on this friend i told...i thought he was cute..i told him this yesterday and it made him so happy cos he felt he was nothing at school in terms of people liking him that way.

so thats the first friend I've told about me...lets hope the rest are all that positive!!!! we can hope

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

All quiet on this front

hey guys,

not really much to report to be is just bobbing along at the moment with no major problems..apart from the problem i am trying to resolve..that really still isnt...still very slowly edging towards freedom...

Through here and other online portals i have made so many wonderful friends so far..i feel really lucky to have found an awesome bunch of individuals...

I'm not going to name names but there have been people who have just let a comment, or sent me a message through to emailing me, through to becoming a proper friend, i just want to thank every one of you :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spirit day 20th October 2010

Just a pic of me for todays blog post doing my tiny miniscule bit to raise awareness of the recent suicides that have occured due to homophobic abuse

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Goodbye Timothy

After everything he has been through, Timothy has passed away.

I am crying at the moment because of what a special guy he was !!!

My heartfelt condolensces go out to everyone who knew him and were touched by him in their lives

Thats all really

Friday, 8 October 2010

just some random funnies for a change




Monday, 4 October 2010

Too busy for life!!

I have now started usting twitter proper;ly and enjoying it..its also good to see name i recognise from the blogging world are on there as well

What with facebook/twitter/blogger/skype etc, its a wonder i have time for the real world...well, i dont much, but online i enjoy far more as i can truly be myself!!

I had some time in the real world last Wednesday...Me and a 'friend' spent the morning in a hotel having some fun...its really weird that i seem to have taken to this in such a matter of fact way..maybe its just i've been preparing myself for it for the last 20 odd years. Spending several hours naked with another guy doing all different types of things was a great experience for me..and one i will be doing again ;) ... well hopefully. We both know its just sex between us..neither of us want anything more than that which suits me fine..i am not able to or ready for that...

When things have been sorted my end...i already have a date planned sort a guy ive got to know over the last couple of months online..i'm not going to tell you much about him, but he cant commit to a relationship either, like me..but we talk about when things will be different and we have said we both want to go out with each other..i dont know when this would be or how things would go, but we know that we want to try and see how we get on with each other.