Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What's Up?

Not alot really :p

Sorted things out with the guy i met up, we're still friends, which is good...still not entirely sure what happened but Ho Hum!!...sometimes things click, sometimes they don't...

...and gonna be getting some more practice in soon anyway, which i may or may not tell you all about :p

As if I havent got enough I.T stuff to keep me occupied, I've resurrected my twitter account and started posting random bits of crap on there now http://twitter.com/toolate4regrets

I was also thrilled to see jessie constantly confused back with us in blogland http://jessie-constantlyconfused.blogspot.com/ couldn't believe when i saw him post...It's a bit stupid really when I dont actually know anyone in the blog world apart from 3 guys, but when you find a blog that is true and interesting, it does make you feel a bit sad when they go..and consequently happy when they post. Welcome back Jessie!!!

Home wise, not much really, still...trying to get my wife to do anything is such hard work...it seems a strange thing to say, but she really doesn't actual like people!!! She gets easily and really irate by people...customers, relatives, and friends..which means that she doesnt have any friends really and has a fractured relationship with her own family which isn't getting any better..probably worse....and i dont really know what to do..she can't see that the common factor in her losing all her friends and family is herself..to her, its everyone else who is the problem..

An example of this is one of our best friends (who was incredibly cute by the way!) got a serious girlfriend who he eventually married...we stopped seeing him because my wife didn't like his girlfriend and found her itrritating. My take on this was, that she may be a bit loud , but shes his girlfriend and he's happy so we should accept her because we liked him....my wifes take on this was that our friend shouldnt bring her round or come out with us...or even worse, that he shouldnt be with her!!! When we stopped seeing them it was our friends fault for not ditching his girfriend!!!... what do you do when someone thinks like that??? I am very forgiving as far as my friends are concerned..i care for them and would do anything for my good friends, but if theres a problem or something goes wrong, i'll blow off quickly...and then its forgotten and I move on..life's too short to harbour grudges and resentment....my wifes seems to enjoy the harbouring grudges....once somethings happened she doesnt forget...and it stays there...until she destroyed everything :(

This wasnt supposed to be a long or deep post, but ended up opening a whole can of worms there...sorry about that!!!

Maybe I'll have something lighter or better next time for you

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting :)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

random posting

theres nothing really more to tell on whats going on at the moment in my world...but thought i'd drop a few words down anyway...

My best friends dream guy didnt really turn out so :( ,he's a bit gutted by it but he's gained something really important from it...its the first time he has fallen properly head over heals for someone...something he didnt think he had the capacity to do

At home, I am trying to encourage my wife to do more things, but she's not interested...i dont think arranging to go to the theatre next April can really count...she doesn't want to do anything to meet new people or just reacquaint herself with old friends, which I would like her to do. I am hoping that it will come with time...and starts to get on with other people.

Friday, 17 September 2010

still waiting...

Hey Guys

Still havent heard anything from my meet up guy which is sad...i didnt make it clear in my last post about who this guy is..which could give some clues as to why i am confused.....all his behaviour points to someone who would be in a similar situation to me..ie: either newly gay or inexperienced, closeted etc...but that isnt the case..its a guy who has always known he was gay, is happily out and experienced....which is whats messing with my mind totally..oh, well!!

My best friend has been great support over the past few days..offering happy thought and words of comfort, which is sweet, especially as he seems to have found his dream guy...i really hope it works out for him because he thoroughly deserves his happiness..... Am I jealous of him?.no not at all...i really couldnt wish a lifetime of happiness with the right guy more than on him...he is truly awesome :)

Away from men and relationships, I am trying to get my fitness improved and weight reduced..not that i am fat..lol. I stupidly entered a big race next month...so am desperately trying to make sure I am ready for it and dont embarrass myself..lol

anyway, thats all for now..i will keep you updated with anything else as it happens

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Men and meets

i always seem to start my posts off with an apology for not blogging..so i wont this time.... lol

There have been developments in my world.....

As I've mentioned before, I have been making new buddies online over the past few months, and a very good one, I met up with last week. The plan was to have coffee lunch, do some shopping, and have good proper chat whilst I there...it didnt quite happen that way and we sort of didnt end up leaving his house at all. I wont give you all the gory details..(well, not at this juncture anyway), we didnt do everything, but had a very good time. The thing is it was the most natural thing i have ever done, being with him , and he said alot of nice things about me...all in all it went swimmingly.....now for the problem.........I'm not sure what has happened since then, its all got very confusing to be honest. We chatted over the next few days and i was supposed to be seeing him again...but he doesnt want to now...and i dont know why...he says he is confused and needs to go away and think over things and doesnt know what to think now....

Anyone got any ideas whats going on???? If i was crap, Ive told him to to tell me , but apparently thats not it.... :( so I'm just in limbo at the moment.

I met up with another guy yesterday for drink and lunch..hes looking for some no strings attahed fun, but although he's keen , i just dont know anymore, not sure i really want to go through with it at the moment...and to be honest i'm not attracted to him either..my trouble is i do things to keep others happy so will probably end up going through with it. you never know, i may enjoy it.

Who would have thought friendship and fun were so hard to find and deal with............