Thursday, 1 April 2010

head spinning

been a bit of a crappy day really - nothing major, just little things bugging me.

also i have been thinking its friday today all day...even though i am working tomorrow (poor me) - i kept doing all the things i do friday today...not that i am regimented like that and a routine freak!!!

got some chocolate for easter today from collegaues which was very nice. i usually go to Thorntons and get people eggs with their names on - they seem to like the thought behind it...i remember when i was a kid i got one every year and loved it:-)

thinking of finding myself a fuck buddy - any recommendations of where to find one?


  1. Hi there JSL

    I've just found your blog from (your comment on Ben's world), and read through it. It sounds as if you're in a difficult situation; I'd like to help but I'm not yet sure what to advise.

    There's another blog you might find interesting: My Travels Out Of The Closet, by a chap called NewLeaf, from Arizona. Like you, he's gay and married; unlike you, he's out to his wife and some friends, in the process of getting a divorce, and having some interesting times exploring his sexuality. He sounds friendly; I suggest you get in touch with him.

    Take care


    PS. If you find a very similar comment on your previous post, that's because Blogger appeared to accept it, and then decided there were no comments after all.

  2. I thought my ears were burning.

    @Mark: thanks for recommending my blog.

    @JSL: From what I've read, we have a lot in common. I'll email you - there's just too much to say in a blog post comment.

    I like your blog and will follow it.