Friday, 28 May 2010


i dont feel like blogging about what went on at the moment..but NL and Pom, I'll email you privately and let you know etc. Thx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

She Knows

I told my wife I am gay.........

Sunday, 23 May 2010

an old friend

its been 2 years last weekend that a friend of mine died. I counted her as a friend even though i had been her employer. I had inherited her with one job and when that company was closed down, i asked her to join me in my new venture which she did.

Just over 2 years ago, she came in not feeling well but nothing specific apart from from dizzyness, for a couple of days, then called in sick when it didnt clear up to try and shift it by resting...6 weeks later the brain tumour that the dizzyness had been the first symptoms of, had killed her.

I only mention her here, because she was 60 and she was gay. she never made a thing of it but we all knew. We all felt for her when she split from her partner. I only wish that i had told her before she died that i was was people from her generation and afterwards that made it easier to be accepted as gay for people like me and younger...

i havent come out yet, but i should have told her....

nearly abused...

when i was about 13/14 i nearly managed to get myself abused by an old man...

i didnt ...thank God!, but its just something that came into my head a few days ago after reading the last few posts of JJ (his blog JJs Yacky Box is on my following list i think...). Its something thats been kicking around inside my head since that time, but ive never told anyone before...and reading JJs blog sort of made me think i should say something.

Basically i used to get the same bus to school each day, and started chatting with this bloke who got on the same bus as me while we were waiting for the bus. Turns out he was a teacher at another school on my route and knew one of the teachers at my school well. I mentioned to him one day that i had painted my room and he suggested i came and did his jokingly...over the next few times he was trying to make plans for me to come and paint his room and he's pay me..he said he had got a couple of other boys from his school helping as well, he kept trying to get me to go, but partly due to apathy, and partly due to something in my head triggering doubts...i made excuses and he left it eventually...i cant remember if i changed my timing or just coincidence i didnt seem him much afterwards... but i then read somewhere (i cant remember how soon after) that he had been sacked from his school for something dodgy- the part of the story that emerged was he was asking and trying inappropriate things in class - asking boys about their sex lives, giving them condoms and asking them to practice putting them on for him etc and there was mention of having boys at his house...and i am pretty sure it wasnt part of our curriculum...i dont know if anything else came out about what he had done, but i think i had a lucky escape in hindsight.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


just to let you know I am here, but just really busy still with work and not getting much chance to do anything. I will be back blogging properly again real soon...if i suddenly have a flash of inspiration or something important happens , i'll sneak a post in as well. take care everyone

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

dont read this post if you dont like politics

not alot has been happening in my life since the last blog so thats why i have been so quiet. i have been reading through the blogs i follow and keeping up-to-date with everyone.

anyway i am in a very happy mood since Gordon brown has resigned as Prime Minister a few moments ago.

in my opinion , I have had to endure 13 years of misery under a government only serving the needs of itself and its cronies and its about time we had a party and government that tries to put the needs of the country first (althought they dont always succeed).

I just read House of Matties and the comment made by someone shouting Matties opinion down which really pissed me off no end -its just typical of the behaviour we have had to put up with in this country for so long.

No doubt I am going to pee people off with my political allegiance but i dont really care. We need a strong government now to pull us all out of this economic mess we are in and to restore confidence in the country. I am a very happy man!!

Onto other things going on in my life at the i said not alot!! i'm still snowed under with work and am without some staff for the next few weeks as well which is a pain but they have good reason!! so late nights and early morning for the forseeable future.

im watching the cricket on TV at the moment and enjoying the twenty 20 tournament this year...not just cos england are actually doing well, but the standard of cricket is really high and teams are becoming more savvy at this form of the game...for those who follow me and dont know much about cricket, i wont bore you trying to explain the game, but i love it :-)