Monday, 5 April 2010

day off - yay!!!

i have a day off work today which i am very grateful for. Generally i work every day for at least part of the day, and even though i may do a bit of work today, its different if i am sitting at home doing it with some coffee and snacks.

i spent alot of yesterday having a read through other peoples blogs. i discovered Chris/Razz' blog the memorial one as well It does make you sad when someone loses their life who has managed to do so much in their lives in such as short time AND make a difference to other peoples lives as well. He must have been a very special guy to touch so many people.. I also read thru Pilgims blog saw how he was inspired to start his blog partly due to Razz. I cant believe how much Pilgrim manages to do in the day - i dont think he can get much sleep - he is amazing and seems another genuinely nice guy.

i will sign off for now, but will be back soon :-)

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