Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What's Up?

Not alot really :p

Sorted things out with the guy i met up, we're still friends, which is good...still not entirely sure what happened but Ho Hum!!...sometimes things click, sometimes they don't...

...and gonna be getting some more practice in soon anyway, which i may or may not tell you all about :p

As if I havent got enough I.T stuff to keep me occupied, I've resurrected my twitter account and started posting random bits of crap on there now http://twitter.com/toolate4regrets

I was also thrilled to see jessie constantly confused back with us in blogland http://jessie-constantlyconfused.blogspot.com/ couldn't believe when i saw him post...It's a bit stupid really when I dont actually know anyone in the blog world apart from 3 guys, but when you find a blog that is true and interesting, it does make you feel a bit sad when they go..and consequently happy when they post. Welcome back Jessie!!!

Home wise, not much really, still...trying to get my wife to do anything is such hard work...it seems a strange thing to say, but she really doesn't actual like people!!! She gets easily and really irate by people...customers, relatives, and friends..which means that she doesnt have any friends really and has a fractured relationship with her own family which isn't getting any better..probably worse....and i dont really know what to do..she can't see that the common factor in her losing all her friends and family is herself..to her, its everyone else who is the problem..

An example of this is one of our best friends (who was incredibly cute by the way!) got a serious girlfriend who he eventually married...we stopped seeing him because my wife didn't like his girlfriend and found her itrritating. My take on this was, that she may be a bit loud , but shes his girlfriend and he's happy so we should accept her because we liked him....my wifes take on this was that our friend shouldnt bring her round or come out with us...or even worse, that he shouldnt be with her!!! When we stopped seeing them it was our friends fault for not ditching his girfriend!!!... what do you do when someone thinks like that??? I am very forgiving as far as my friends are concerned..i care for them and would do anything for my good friends, but if theres a problem or something goes wrong, i'll blow off quickly...and then its forgotten and I move on..life's too short to harbour grudges and resentment....my wifes seems to enjoy the harbouring grudges....once somethings happened she doesnt forget...and it stays there...until she destroyed everything :(

This wasnt supposed to be a long or deep post, but ended up opening a whole can of worms there...sorry about that!!!

Maybe I'll have something lighter or better next time for you

Thanks everyone for reading and commenting :)


  1. Sounds familiar! My situation,she has me so doesn't need anyone else. Increasing the pressure on me to be her sole support and keeping me trapped with her in the home that has turned into my prison.

    Enjoyed reading your blog, only discovered it this weekend.

  2. Hi there, JSL

    Glad to hear you've sorted things out with the guy you met up with - that must be something of a relief.

    Thanks for the pointer to Jessie's blog, which I'm now following.

    Thanks also for telling us about the situation with your wife - it makes things a lot clearer. I have some sympathy with her - I too seem to be finding various people in my life more irritating than I used to - but at least I know it's me, and I'm trying to develop new friendships. If your wife can't or won't get on with people, and won't recognise what's happening, there's probably not a lot you can do about it. I don't think it gives her the right to hold you hostage to her emotional wellbeing.

    Take care


  3. Just came across your blog, and it looks interesting so i will catch up with it soon lol. But i am glad you fixed things with that guy :)
    Jack xx