Friday, 17 September 2010

still waiting...

Hey Guys

Still havent heard anything from my meet up guy which is sad...i didnt make it clear in my last post about who this guy is..which could give some clues as to why i am confused.....all his behaviour points to someone who would be in a similar situation to either newly gay or inexperienced, closeted etc...but that isnt the case..its a guy who has always known he was gay, is happily out and experienced....which is whats messing with my mind totally..oh, well!!

My best friend has been great support over the past few days..offering happy thought and words of comfort, which is sweet, especially as he seems to have found his dream guy...i really hope it works out for him because he thoroughly deserves his happiness..... Am I jealous of him?.no not at all...i really couldnt wish a lifetime of happiness with the right guy more than on him...he is truly awesome :)

Away from men and relationships, I am trying to get my fitness improved and weight reduced..not that i am I stupidly entered a big race next am desperately trying to make sure I am ready for it and dont embarrass

anyway, thats all for now..i will keep you updated with anything else as it happens

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