Sunday, 19 September 2010

random posting

theres nothing really more to tell on whats going on at the moment in my world...but thought i'd drop a few words down anyway...

My best friends dream guy didnt really turn out so :( ,he's a bit gutted by it but he's gained something really important from it...its the first time he has fallen properly head over heals for someone...something he didnt think he had the capacity to do

At home, I am trying to encourage my wife to do more things, but she's not interested...i dont think arranging to go to the theatre next April can really count...she doesn't want to do anything to meet new people or just reacquaint herself with old friends, which I would like her to do. I am hoping that it will come with time...and starts to get on with other people.

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  1. Hi there, JSL

    I'm sorry I haven't replied to this before: I've had it in mind since I saw, I just hadn't realised so much time had passed.

    Your wife's state of mind seems like a concern: it sounds as if she's retreating from the world, rather than getting more involved with it as your wuld hope. I think this can be a reaction to stress or a shock. I'm not sure what you can do to encourage her to socialise more - perhaps organise some meet-ups with old friends for her?

    I hope everything's OK with you, and you're getting on with your own life.

    Take care