Thursday, 6 January 2011

Fanks and Flirting

Just to thank everyone for their support and advice since my last post..i was being serious about the direction to it a crisis of confidence or something else...i dont know..i just dont like hurting other people....

Doing this has reared its head online in the last few days as well where I had a disagreement with a fellow blogger and tweeter after something happened..I am very sorry that it happened, but its possibly meant an interesting, funny and young person may not tweet or blog anymore, which is the real shame for him and those who follow him

Other randomness occured to me this much so, i messaged a fellow blogger about it...does there need to be some form of attraction between guys to flirt with them???..i thought yes, and so did my friend. I only asked because i have been doing alot of flirting online over the past 2/3 weeks on sites online and on my iphone...i get a number of guys saying Hi , and i politely reply..if i think he's attractive, my flirting seems to kick in..dont get me wrong, i like flirting lots..but i have a problem.

I have been flirting with one guy more than any other...we do it publically, privately, by text and on skype as well...and the thing is ..i'm really getting off on it....he is making me so horny , its ridiculous!!! The thing is he is as bad as me...he knows exactly which buttons to press..but it really feels wrong to be feeling like this because he is much younger than me...i enjoy the feeling, but suddenly get a guilt trip about saying some of these things to him

'And finally' ...said in my best Trevor Mcdonald voice, can i just introduce a new blogger to you. He is a lovely guy and i am so loving reading his thoughts...i wont tell you any more, youll have to go and read his blog for yourself!!!


  1. Hi there, JSL

    It's good to hear from you.

    I can understand that you don't like to hurt others - I think most people don't. Nevertheless, I think there's a time in your life when your need to change, in order to have a fulfilling and open life, overcomes another's need to have things remain the same.

    Flirting with a younger guy: I don't think you're doing anything wrong - you're not hurting anyone, neither yourself, nor him, nor anyone else. I know there's a lot of social pressure to stay within your own age group, but I don't think the reasons (if any) behind it are so relevant for gay men. In any case, if you and he are both happy with the situation, I don't think it's anyone else's business.

    Take care


  2. Thanks for the shout out :-)

    As for flirting online, well I should know better but I do it too. I think a bit of innuendo and flirting is fine, though sounds like you're going beyond that hehe.

    As long as you both know what you're doing I don't see any harm in it - the other guy knows you're a bit older I assume if he's seen you (or parts of you lol).

    Bye for now

  3. Hi J. just wanted to show I'm reading your blog :-)I puzzle a bit, who was meant in the 2nd Paragraph, anyway, what I like on your blogging is you're pretty honest and open here. Of course you're honest as a person, but I guess you understand what I mean.

  4. Hi

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