Saturday, 31 July 2010

more random stuff from me

firstly, welcome to a new blogger his story has many parallels with mine and i am sure he would like to have other guys support as well.

so far i have reistsed the temptation to put anything in my blog apart from my thought and links to other bloggers, but think i will try and add more content for you...things which appeal to me...and by things i mean guys and music !!!!! :)

My life meanders on...i think my wifes has finally coming to realise that our marriage is over...despite the utopian ideal of staying together, i dont think it is going to be possible for much longer...but we shall see.

As i have previously posted i think....i have never done anything with a guy before . During the closeted period of my marriage, I have never done anything with another guy ...not even flirted with another guy...but since my confession, that is changing..i am finding myself more liberated in my attitudes and behaviour...for a start i am being quite flirty with guys..whether i know their sexuality or not...(i actually think i havent got a bad gaydar based on past experiences) but its fun to do anyway.

As for other things with guys...i still havent broken my duck so to speak...its a dilemma for me...knowing i'm gay and in my belief, that the relationship with my wife is no longer as her husband, i have convinced myself that if the opportunity arose to do something with another guy, i would take it. I still have feelings of guilt for wanting to do this...after all I still am a married man. I have already made a couple of attempts to meet guys ..but nothing has yet come of it for various reasons that i may post publicly about one day, when i think you all deserve a Several guys i have been chatting with have all suggested i'll go through a tart phase once i start, but i really dont think its me...much as i would love to hook up with a random guy, ive never been one for one nighters...all relationships i have had have been developed from friendships first...i dont know if the same applies now, but i would feel far more comfortable hooking up with a guy i already know for some fun regularly if its something we are both happy to do.

Well, thats a longer post than i was going to do...once i just start thinking about what i am writing it sort of flows into a river of gibberish!!!

I was gonna put some pics here of guys i find attractive, but dont know if its something you would like to see or not...i dont want to turn this into an adult rated blog so they have to be clean pics, but just so you can see what i like :)


  1. Hi there, JSL

    To start at the end: I would certainly be interested in some pictures of guys you find attractive. It's quite fun to compare tastes in men, and I doubt yours is so far away from mine that I won't like the pictures anyway :-)
    Music would be interesting too - it's your blog, feel free to put in what pleases you.

    "Other things with guys": you say that, as a married man, you feel guilty for wanting to do this, which suggests to me that you would feel a lot more guilty if you went ahead and did it. I don't know how things stand with your wife at the moment: would it be possible for you to discuss this, and get her agreement for you to do things with men? That way there are no secrets, and hopefully no guilt. Of course, there's the risk that she will say No, but I'd like to think that she would not wish to frustrate you in this way.

    Take care


  2. Hey JSL..I was just reading through your blog and saw that you put up a link to mine. Thanks for the support..and we really do have a lot in common.
    Email me sometime..