Wednesday, 14 July 2010

loss of 2 bloggers, and now me

hey guys

a bit sad today due to the loss of 2 bloggers...the first has stopped writing due the very sad death of his brother...i totally understand why he has done it, and i hope everyone who knows who he is will be thinking of his family at this very sad time in their life.

the second blogger loss is my fault...via coincidences and friends i realised, who a blogger i followed was, and added them as a friend on facebook. Due to his own circumstances, this has scared him and caused him to stop blogging for fear of being found out. He knows how sorry i am for this happening and its something i never wanted to happen...this blogger is a great guy and been an inspiration to me and others...

Due to this, at the moment i'm going to stop blogging...I know the risks of mixing my online life and real world lives together and want to be in control of that happening...but do not want it to happen to others, who do not want that. His blog made and could still make a big difference to other guys in the situation and he is in, and i dont want that to happen to anyone else. The world needs more people like him.

Thank you to my followers and those who have have all made a difference to me in my life. I will still follow blogs but at the moment it doesnt feel right blogging myself or contacting other bloggers as well.

Some of you may work out whos blog i am talking about and will be there for him should he need any support

take care.


  1. Don't take it too hard - there's lots of us still around and surely mistakes occur but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, as my granny used to say.

  2. hey thanks for everything man - I really mean that!

  3. Hi there, JSL

    I know exactly how you feel about blogger number 2: I had a very similar experience, where a few ill-chosen words in my comments caused a blogger whose mental state was more fragile than I had thought to delete his blog. (He has since returned to blog-land.)

    Like Micky, I would encourage you to continue blogging - you don't know who is reading your blog, and what inspiration it might provide to them. To take my case again: that blog was deleted on Monday 5th April - if I had left blog-land at that point, I would never have made most of my comments here.