Thursday, 1 July 2010

no news...doesnt inspire people to read this post really does

thought i would give you a bit on insight into my general life since things are a bit quiet at the moment.

i cant believe its been 10 days snce my last post, but to be honest, i dont really think much has happened in my life...the weather in the UK has been beautiful...which for us means sunshine with a bit of light cloud and temperatures between 20-30 degrees celcius or 70-80 farenheit...apart from work, ive been sitting out in the sun ...especially sunday watching the football (which we wont talk about in england) and Formula 1 motor racing on my laptop....needless to say ignored all the warnings about getting sunburnt and subsequently have looked a bit like a lobster/tomato/radish for the past few days...

This week at work i really havent done alot...for starters its been too hot to do anything, and secondly i have been doing alot of chatting online with people through msn and skype which has been good...growing up before the days of facebook, twitter and myspace, once you left school, unless you could be really bothered, you lost touch with people..and i was particularly bad at keeping in touch with people, so online messaging is brilliant for me to do that with current friends and i tend to use it alot..and with the advent of facebook, have reconnected with people i used to know which has been great.

If any of you ever want to chat, my skype is toolate4regrets...cant think where i thought up that skype you maybe say where you found me it would be useful for me to know rather than wondering who the random person

i really should add tags to my blog..ive never really thought about it before so, i will from now:-)

ive been catching up with other blogs i follow...i read one called Timmy....Wating for God seems a really nice teen guy, but is having a few health concerns recently which is a real shame, and must be so worrying for him and his family...for what its worth, my thoughts are with him ... Another blog i follow religiously is Andy/David is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent sensitive guys i think ive ever seen...his constant concern for his friends and family is wonderful...and hes only 16 years old!!!! I followed his previous blog and was both worried and felt sad when it disappeared, but now he is all sorted, it is back bigger and better than ever....i cant wait for andy to find that special guy cos he really deserves it....his attitude and beliefs put many people , including myself to shame....

i cant think of much else to say at the moment..i am sitting at work, drinking coffee pondering what to do next....


  1. Hi there, JSL

    I'm not sure it's exactly "no news", but this and previous posts certainly sound like good news. You seem much more at ease with yourself, and relaxing and enjoying the sunshine has got to be good. I'm really glad to hear that you and your wife are working out the way forward together.

    Take care


  2. Good morning JSL - here's something that really works good for helping to take the burn out of sunburn. Cut a piece from off of an aloe vera plant. Slice it open and inside is a clearish jell. Rub the jell on your sunburned skin and within 30 minutes the stinging and burning sensation is cooled off. It really works! Oh btw, thanks for the kind words you expressed towards me and my blog. I appreciate everything you said. (*_*) david andrew delacruz