Thursday, 2 December 2010

Other Bloggers and My Morning

Another random post cos ive got the inclination to blog at the moment...dont knock it though!!.

Am going to mention 3 blogs i take an interest in cos i believe its important to have people out there who you can relate to, or maybe blogs to read who have been through similar situations.

Last night i read, what is possibly the most wonderful blog post in all my time reading blogs.


I've followed this blog from its previous incarnation through to this one. He was one of the first blogs i read, one of the reasons I started blogging myself and one of the reasons i am still blogging and now tweeting today. His post and blog should be used as inspiration for all young gay guys out there struggling with growing up being gay.... and i am so happy that last night went so well... Jessie I am so proud of you.

Another blog i think you should read is.


As an adult struggling to come to terms with being gay, it was reassuring to find another adult living the gay life, but not being out..i know my situation is totally different to his, but i thoroughly enjoy keeping up with whats going on with well as the fact he is a thoroughly decent and charming guy :)

Most people who read my blog already will follow:


but if you dont, then start reading his blog..he is one of the nicest guys you could wish to meet, whose love and understanding for his fellow man is incredible...and he writes excellently those other bloggers i read religiously, i will be doing more updates soon , mentioning other interesting blogs, but dont want to just redo my blog list as a post.

Other news for me today, Um.... i went to a Clinic for the first time this morning and went through all tests for STIs. I cant reiterate enough how important it is to get yourself checked out regularly..not only for yourself, but anyone else you have a sexual relationship with. Its simple and straightforward and not half as embarrassing as you may think..i know I am probably saying things you all already know, but if you havent been to one and think you should start going, just message me and i'll explain what happens so youre prepared...fortunately for me, my best friend told me what to expect beforehand so i wasnt surprised by anything.

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