Sunday, 5 December 2010

5 on the Fifth December

Here's my contribution for Stephen's 5 of the Fifth this month. Be sure to check out Stephen's blog for links to other 5 on the Fifth participants.

5 of the Fifth

Thre is the awkwardness of getting peoples faces so all pics taken yesterday, but some poetic license used.

The pics are of :

1. Rolo, one of the cats..he mas mastered opening a locked cat flap
2. Ole, another of my cats..hes is virtually human in his affection
3. A friend of mine..he doesnt care what people think about him, he is happy being himself
4. I love watches..I own about 40, and these are all my non digital ones...favourites are the gold one my Great Grandfather owned, and my Mickey Mouse one :-)
5. The clock face is the obvious one..a nice example of and English 19th Carved Wooden clock, but in the small frames are my mother and grandmother..they deserve a mention


  1. Love the cats - they're adorable.

    You have quite the collection of time pieces.

    Nice pics -


  2. Very nice photos, thanks for sharing.

  3. Rolo seems to have quite a shrewd face.