Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Random Bits of stuff

This really is just an anything post..not sure where it will go or not...

Slightly sad this morning that I may have upset someone on twitter... i think someone thought i was taking the mickey out of them and talking badly about them, when i wasnt .... anyone who knows me, knows i dont do that..but online peeps dont really know me. Just i take things personally when i upset people...ive spent my life trying to make other people happy...

Am waiting for a delivery from a department store today..some christmas presents..plus some undies for me (Yay!!) theyve texted me to say the parcel will arrive between 12:03 and 13:03 today...I'm thinking...Wow, thats pretty accurate..we shall see though!!

Anyone in the UK knows the main topic of discussion over the past few days has been the snow (and you thought I was going to say Justin Bieber on XFactor didnt you?? *sighs and shakes head*) Finally i got some snow worthy of discussion..only maybe an inch but its better than nothing i suppose - enough snow to make a snow cat maybe!! Was chatting to a friend about the weather and we both agreed we either like it to be freezing cold or hot (around 30*C) . and could do without most of the temperatures in the middle really....now all i need to do is find a place with those extremes!!

Am supposed to be working, but am pottering around online and thinking of christmas presents to buy for people..I use Christmas as opposed to Xmas, as i have been told off twice this year for shortening the word..and neither are particularly religious people either..maybe i will...but i know it saves characters on texts and twitter ..lol

Anyway, thats my non entity of a blog post for today...just a normal day for me :)


  1. Haha, interesting. Did the parcels come on time? Now that WOULD be a Christmas mirricle.

    And the snow, we FINALY got it today. About the same (1 inch) But it was fun walking to the shops and back in it. I hope it snows heavily tonight, so college is cancled lol.

    And as for Xmas Vs Christmas; i prefer Xmas. As although it is not traditional, the X is interchangable depending on the person's faith and in a world gone Politically Insane, it's probably the best thing. But whatever works for you, i guess :)

    Jack xx

  2. Good on you bud treating yourself to some nice new sexy undies. Something I am in desperate need of I will tell you.My mum still buys mine I just don't have the cash for stuff like that and she is not exactly a spend thrift Primark specials I get ha ha but with Christmas money I will be making some changes to my boring underwear drawer.
    SNOW I love it but this is getting out of hand I swear we are going to end up burried alive if it does not stop soon
    Mark xx

  3. Hi

    The next 5 on the fifth is a few days away...