Sunday, 23 May 2010

an old friend

its been 2 years last weekend that a friend of mine died. I counted her as a friend even though i had been her employer. I had inherited her with one job and when that company was closed down, i asked her to join me in my new venture which she did.

Just over 2 years ago, she came in not feeling well but nothing specific apart from from dizzyness, for a couple of days, then called in sick when it didnt clear up to try and shift it by resting...6 weeks later the brain tumour that the dizzyness had been the first symptoms of, had killed her.

I only mention her here, because she was 60 and she was gay. she never made a thing of it but we all knew. We all felt for her when she split from her partner. I only wish that i had told her before she died that i was was people from her generation and afterwards that made it easier to be accepted as gay for people like me and younger...

i havent come out yet, but i should have told her....

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  1. Sorry about your friend. It is really tragic when someone becomes ill and passes away so quickly like that. She sounds like a nice person. It would have been nice for her and you both if you had been able to share your secret with her.