Tuesday, 11 May 2010

dont read this post if you dont like politics

not alot has been happening in my life since the last blog so thats why i have been so quiet. i have been reading through the blogs i follow and keeping up-to-date with everyone.

anyway i am in a very happy mood since Gordon brown has resigned as Prime Minister a few moments ago.

in my opinion , I have had to endure 13 years of misery under a government only serving the needs of itself and its cronies and its about time we had a party and government that tries to put the needs of the country first (althought they dont always succeed).

I just read House of Matties http://houseofmatty.blogspot.com/blog and the comment made by someone shouting Matties opinion down which really pissed me off no end -its just typical of the behaviour we have had to put up with in this country for so long.

No doubt I am going to pee people off with my political allegiance but i dont really care. We need a strong government now to pull us all out of this economic mess we are in and to restore confidence in the country. I am a very happy man!!

Onto other things going on in my life at the moment...as i said not alot!! i'm still snowed under with work and am without some staff for the next few weeks as well which is a pain but they have good reason!! so late nights and early morning for the forseeable future.

im watching the cricket on TV at the moment and enjoying the twenty 20 tournament this year...not just cos england are actually doing well, but the standard of cricket is really high and teams are becoming more savvy at this form of the game...for those who follow me and dont know much about cricket, i wont bore you trying to explain the game, but i love it :-)

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  1. Hi there, JSL

    Work is still busy, evidently, but you're obviously managing some relaxation time if you're watching cricket.

    Like you, I'm happy to see Gordon Brown leaving No. 10, and the end of the Labour government. It's a shame that the rest of the party could not be as dignified in defeat as Brown - there have been some rather catty comments today.

    Labour seemed to me a government that had run out of steam - more than a little reminiscent of the Conservatives in 1997 - and we were due (overdue!) for a change. The Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition is probably my dream ticket - a definite swing towards promoting the rights (and responsibilities) of the individual over those of the government, but with each party tempering the more extreme views of the other. Gay rights is a good example: the Conservatives have a pretty poor record on this, whereas the Lib-Dems are very positive. Labour did a lot of good in this area (civil partnerships as a particular example), and I think the Lib-Dems would not be willing to let any of it be reversed.

    Take care