Sunday, 23 May 2010

nearly abused...

when i was about 13/14 i nearly managed to get myself abused by an old man...

i didnt ...thank God!, but its just something that came into my head a few days ago after reading the last few posts of JJ (his blog JJs Yacky Box is on my following list i think...). Its something thats been kicking around inside my head since that time, but ive never told anyone before...and reading JJs blog sort of made me think i should say something.

Basically i used to get the same bus to school each day, and started chatting with this bloke who got on the same bus as me while we were waiting for the bus. Turns out he was a teacher at another school on my route and knew one of the teachers at my school well. I mentioned to him one day that i had painted my room and he suggested i came and did his jokingly...over the next few times he was trying to make plans for me to come and paint his room and he's pay me..he said he had got a couple of other boys from his school helping as well, he kept trying to get me to go, but partly due to apathy, and partly due to something in my head triggering doubts...i made excuses and he left it eventually...i cant remember if i changed my timing or just coincidence i didnt seem him much afterwards... but i then read somewhere (i cant remember how soon after) that he had been sacked from his school for something dodgy- the part of the story that emerged was he was asking and trying inappropriate things in class - asking boys about their sex lives, giving them condoms and asking them to practice putting them on for him etc and there was mention of having boys at his house...and i am pretty sure it wasnt part of our curriculum...i dont know if anything else came out about what he had done, but i think i had a lucky escape in hindsight.

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  1. Hi there, JSL

    I'm not sure there's much I can say, beyond echoing your "lucky escape". I'd imagine it was quite an unpleasant surprise finding out what this person had been up to.

    Take care