Saturday, 13 June 2009

look but dont touch

Been at work today and had 2 hot men working with me - very very nice - neither are not so much ever going to look at anything that doesnt have tits, but i can dream cant i :-) One is really nicely tanned and doesnt appear to have a tan line :-), dark haired and a really cute smile. The other is blond and so cute looking , looking nowhere near his age. He really is an adonis personified, absolutely beautiful


  1. hey there JSL, welcome to the blogosphere (a bit late i know!)

    you're not alone with your predicament. i'm not saying that makes it any easier for you, but at least you can get some empathy as well as sympathy.

    i'm gonna follow you, so that means you'll have to keep blogging. ok? and i know you're out there coz i saw your comment on tyler's blog! lol.

    take care, fellow Brit :)

  2. torchy! recommended your blog to me so I'm now Following you to. Another Brtit. Hooray!

    If you'd like other guys to find your blog so's you can maybe make more friends, then we can exchange links between our blogs, if you like. So I'll put your blog on my list if you put me on yours!

    Actually I've got three blogs, so we can link the others later if you want to!

  3. hey there from the USA as another married man who discovered later that he likes men I can understand the no one to talk to. If you want to talk to me i am here love and hugs

  4. edit it should be sorry about that love and hug