Saturday, 16 April 2011

Life is just shit

Sorry ive not blogged for lifes been kinda full in a good way...ive spent loads of time with my best friend in real life and to be honest its been great doing that...but I'm guessing from now on I'll be back in the online world again.

Whats happened to me since my last post..i came out to my best friend from Uni days..he took it really well and said it made no difference to him whether i was gay or straight..i was so nervous telling him , but a huge sigh of relief once i had done it....

home life ..meh..i now live with a friend and my wife are pretty clear thats how things are now..we'll just see how it works until i can sort everything properly

My blog was always meant to be an anonymous self contained thing which i could write anything on, however I opened it up to twitter friends which makes talking about things involving people that i know and my twitter followers know, very difficult...and i need to talk about it to someone....

In my whole life (all 40 years of it) there have only been two people who have truly known me...and i think ive messed everything up with one of them....

The one guy is 24, i met online has been a rock to me and i have been one to them, hes my 'brother' my best friend and i love him in the most platonic way possible...apart from when he had no internet in Spain, not a day has gone by in 10 months that we have not said at least hello to each other.

The second guy i only met 4 months ago...and quickly we became good friends..we both said we were best friends...we share alot of the same interests, likes,etc... we both genuinely like each other..however...theres more going on :( you all know who it is and i dont need lecturing about it. .and im gonna lose him as a friend if i dont do something


  1. I'm glad to see you blogging again. From my perspective the title of this post and what it contains don't tally up.

    You came out successfully to a good friend and you're starting to move things on with the wife, which can only be healthy.

    So maybe look at the glass as half full rather than half empty?

    As for the friends I don't know who you're referring to so can't comment but I hope it works out.

    It must be difficult when real and virtual worlds collide. I deliberately kept mine separate because I wanted to blog about my real life and get comments. But eventually everything combines - we only have one life and it's not realistic to compartmentalise it.

    Anyway, good luck with everything xx

  2. JSL

    It's good to hear from you again, even if, as I sense, you're not feeling very happy at the moment.

    I don't know who the second guy is that you're talking about (I don't have access to your Twitter, for example), nor what's happened between you, so I don't think that there's very much useful I can say. You're welcome to drop me a line, if you'd like to talk about it.



  3. Make those mistakes, learn, and make more mistakes. I think it's the only way.