Saturday, 27 March 2010

comments and thanks

i just did a post then managed to delete it before posting - doh!

will try and remember what i said

Wow! ive got Torchy! following me -ive read his whole blog nd like many others, he has been an inspiration to me - thanks :-)

ive also dipped in and out of and really enjoy his writing - and not a million miles away geographically either

A couple of shout outs as well - only just disocvered his blog but its honest funny and candid about his life in Pakistan -i had a dysfunctional upbringing and it can be very difficult trying to balance everything in your life - but hes doing a great job and deserves to get everything he is working for

Am watching football at the moment. The need to get early nite since the cloks go forward here and i want to watch the Aussie Grand Prix live

Thanks for reading me


  1. Ah well - thanks for the shout and the link.

    Pete and me don't bite - and nor does the Former Bitch (well, not that much anyway!).

    My email is on my Profile if you want to drop a line at any time - or maybe you'd like to exchange bloglist links ? ? ?

  2. cheers Micky, i may just do that...and i'll even try not to bore you too much